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Special Price Books at Book Sale

Books donated for the annual sale sometimes include rare or unusual titles of interest to the collector or specialist, and searching for these treasures is part of the fun of attending the sale. This year titles likely to arouse the interest of the enthusiast include many about the history of the old west, including:
  • Notes of a Military Reconnaissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California by Lt. Col. W. H. Emory (1848);
  • Memories of Old Montana by Con Price (1945);
  • The Longest Rope: The Truth About the Johnson County Cattle War, by D. F. Baber (1953);
  • El Gringo, or New Mexico and Her People, by W. W. H. Davis (1857);
  • Five Years a Cavalryman, Or Sketches of Regular Army Life On The Texas Frontier Twenty Odd Years Ago, by H. H. McConnell (1889);
  • Some Recollections of a Western Ranchman, New Mexico 1883-1899, by William French (1928);
  • Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca: The Journey and Route of the First European to Cross the Continent of North America, by Cleve Hallenbeck (1940);
  • Legends of the Southwest, by Cleve and Juanita Hallenbeck (1938);
  • Diego De Vargas and the Reconquest of New Mexico, by Jessie Bailey (1940);
  • The Trail Drivers of Texas, by J. Marvin Hunter (1985);
  • Crofutt’s Overland Tours, by George Crofutt (1888);
  • Mountaineering in Colorado: The Peaks About Estes Park, by Frederick Chapin (1890);
  • Cowboys and Cattleland, by H. H. Halsell (1944);
  • Black Range Tales, Chronicling Sixty Years of Life and Adventure in the Southwest, by James McKenna (1936); and
  • Digging Gold Among the Rockies, by B. Thomas Ingham (1888).

But the rare and unusual are not confined to books about the American west. Other areas and titles to search for include

  • Old China and Young America, by Sarah Conger (1913);
  • Of All Places, by Richard Patience and Johnny Abee (1937), a description of Hollywood of the 1930s through the eyes of two young people who, with their mother, lived there and met Ginger Rogers, Shirley Temple, Bing Crosby and others;
  • The History of Costume, by Braun Schneider (1910), with many color plates;
  • Adventures in Light and Color, by Charles Connick (1910), a beautiful illustrated book on the design and fabrication of stained glass from medieval times through the 19th century;
  • The Essential  Oils, by George Coe (1926), a classic study of the production and use of oil derived from plants;
  • NO, The Classical Theatre of Japan, by Donald Keene (1966); and
  • Pioneers of the Ozarks, by Lennis Broadfoot, with Broadfoot’s illustrations of pioneer life.

This is just a short list of special books which will be at the March 2013 sale. There will be many others as well.

Bill Cochran, Friends of the Library Volunteer

Editor’s Note:  Special Price Books are priced individually, not by the inch.

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