San Luis Obispo Friends of the Library

Supporting the SLO Library, its community and the SLO Community

SLO MakerSpace

  • SLO MakerSpace
  • Relax and share area
  • Craft Area
  • Vinyl Cutters
  • Paper Cutters
  • Laminator
  • Large Format Printer
  • Heat Press
  • Pottery Wheels
  • Clay / Wet Room
  • Electronic Station
  • Electronic Station
  • Electronic Supply Bins
  • 3D Printers
  • 3D Printers
  • Tool Wall
  • Wood Hand Tools
  • Band Saw
  • Wood Lathes
  • Drill Press
  • Wood Joiner
  • Wood Planer
  • Power Miter Saw
  • Sliding Miter Saw
  • CNC Wood Router
  • Laser Cutter
  • Metal Milling Machine
  • Welding Area

SLO MakerSpace is a unique concept that provides space, equipment, resources and training for the creative individual.  It is a location that provides many of the resources needed for creative individuals to transfer ideas and concepts into physical reality.  It is for the designer, the inventor, the craftsperson and the tinkerer.  Whether you are wanting to build a robot or a craft book, SLO MakerSpace has what you need.

How does this relate to the SLO Library and the SLO Friends of the Library?  Well, isn’t the Library a similar concept in that it provides resources for expanding the mind? MakerSpace just takes the process a step further.

To that end, the SLO Library and SLO MakerSpace have created a unique partnership that allows Library card holders to have access to the resources of SLO MakerSpace for up to 15 hours a week at designated times. For more information on the program, see

Should a library card holder want more time at SLO MakerSpace or desire to visit other times of the day, a membership to MakerSpace can be purchased,

SLO MakerSpace is located at 81 Higuera Street where the east end of Madonna Road meets Higuera.

Below are images from SLO MakerSpace showing some of their resources.