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Atrium Mural in SLO Library

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Atrium North

Library Atrium earlier this year.

About the Mural

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a new mural adorning the  SLO Library atrium walls.

Last year, the SLO Friends of the Library applied for a grant from the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust for $18,000 as part of an art project to have a mural painted in the atrium of the Library.

The Friends was awarded the grant and have worked with a team from the SLO Library, the City of San Luis Obispo and SLO Public Art to select an artist and raise additional funding.  In April 2013, Robert “Maja” Martinez was selected as the artist to create a mural for the Library.  In May, 2013,  the artist began creating his mural, Movimiento Mundial, in the Library.

The process began in 2012 when the SLO Friends of the Library prepared a grant application which was submitted prior to May 30th.  After an evaluation by the Miossi trustees, the grant was awarded to the Friends in late July.

Subsequently, a call was made for artists to submit proposals for the creation of a mural to be painted in the atrium; and after two rounds of competition, Robert was chosen after submitting the following renderings in his proposal.


Maja Mural Rendering

A rendering of the mural viewed from the 2nd floor

“Movimiento Mundial”
(World Movement)

“This scene depicts expressions of people from around the world.
The wheel in the forefront is the principle object and a symbol of progression.  I want to draw out the idea of how people move; around the world and in their communities.  The palms are the landscape in the background and dispersed to show a symbol of relaxation allowing us the freedom to search for peace and tranquility.  The ladder is an idea that it is possible to attain our goals just by climbing one step at a time.l want to transmit hope.
As a whole, the scene is a representation of the places I have traveled and lived over the years.  lt brings out out a sense of community on a global scale.  By using elements such as food, music, dance, and art at the core of what makes our cultures diverse, we can also demonstrate the multitude of similarities.”

Before the artist could begin his painting, the atrium walls and lighting had to be modified.  It took a couple of weeks for the walls to be prepared and for LED lighting to be installed.

In May 2013,  he began the process of creating the mural.  Since he could not work while the Library was open to the public, he worked at night and on the weekends and holidays.  He completed the mural in mid-June.

Robert Maja painting the atrium mural.

The artist painting the atrium mural.

To see a pictorial update of his progress, click HERE.

To see a video of the artist at work, click HERE.

A mural dedication ceremony and reception was held at the Library with approximately 100 supporters in attendance on June 27, 2013.