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Shop at HumanKind to help donate to our In-School Reading Program

HumanKind donates over $600, 20% of sales, from April 23, 2016

On Saturday, April 23rd, HumanKind donated 20% of that day’s sales to SLO Friends of the Library’s In-School Reading Program. Below is the leadin story to that day:

HaHumanKind Store Frontve you visited HumanKind, the non-profit, retail store on Monterey between Phoenix Books and  Boo Boo Records? They have the greatest assortment of products; each produced by artisans from around the world. The variety of items is so broad that it is hard to venture into the store and not find something you like – From Fair Trade coffee, to small art objects, to clothing. HumanKind is unique in its assortment and its mission to provide a channel for these artisans from developing countries to sell their products.

If you haven’t yet visited HumanKind, now is your chance. On Saturday, April 23, 2016, HumanKind will be donating 20% of what is purchased that day to the In-School Reading program sponsored by the SLO Friends of the Library and AAUW. Come in and chat with our Friends board members, check out all the wonderful products and learn more about HumanKind and the In-School Reading program.  Every  purchase you make on that Saturday provides a donation to a Friends of the Library program.

You already know about HumanKind? Well, then come in to support us! And be sure to tell your neighbors and friends about HumanKind and ask them to also come on Saturday, April 23rd.

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