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Summer 2012


From the President

As I begin my first year as President of the Friends of the Library Board, I want to thank Laura Lehmann for the outstanding job she did in serving as President. I am delighted to report that she has agreed to stay on the Board as the First Vice-President, and I also appreciate her willingness to continue to be an active member of the organization.  It is volunteers like Laura who make this  organization work so effectively.

I joined the Board three years ago and have been so very impressed with the dedication and committment of so many who have served as Board members these past three years. Some long-time members whose terms have been completed are truly missed. These include Dotty Connor, Linda Porter, Linda Thompson, Jack Daily, Glenna Deane Dovey, Sally Erwin and Sharon Mack. Last, but certainly not least, are Jane Batterson and Marybeth Lucas. Jane has been serving as a memer of this Board for many years, and has truly been a role model for many who would like to volunteer. Fortunately, she is still going to assist us, but not as a Board member. Marybeth has also served for many years and has always provided many valuable suggestions and ideas that have enhanced our organization, as well as providing many volunteer hours. They will be sorely missed.

Fortunately, we have continuing several veterans who are vital to our success. You can see their names listed under the Board of Directors category in this newsletter. However, I would like to particularly thank Suzanne Fryer and Paul Murphy, who continually go above and beyond the call of duty and provide true leadership and vital assistance in any success we have as an organization.

One thing I have learned in my brief tenure as a member, is that we need, welcome and value any and all interested in assisting the library or being on the Board. If you are interested in getting more involved on the Board, please feel free to contact me or speak to one of the other members of the Board. Again, I want to thank you for this opportunity to serve in this capacity, and I always appreciate any suggestions or ideas you may have that can assist the library or the Board.

Thank you.

Ken Barclay


Library Manager’s Update

Youth Services Coordinator Margaret Kensinger-Klopfer with Miossi interns Gwendelyn Wensloff and Noran Rahim.

Time flies when you are having fun, and we had plenty of fun with our two teen interns, Gwendelyn Wensloff and Noran Rahim, and our Miossi science programs, funded through the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust. With assistance from our Friends’ Board, we received a $10,000 grant to fund six science programs, developed and presented by two teens in collaboration with adult science mentors. It was the quintessential intergenerational program. Five programs were developed and presented here at the library and one program was repeated at the Children’s Museum, so it was also a successful collaborative program as well. The five topics were assistance dogs, earthquakes, ice cream science (yum!), pollination, and food webs. We had 200 kids and adults attending the program and we received regular media attention, especially through KSBY, so check the archives for some lively footage. Part of the Miossi money also funded a remodel of our teen area, with wonderful input from Gwendelyn and Noran. Every time we look, there are teens galore hanging out in the new area.

We also applied for further funding through the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust, this year for our public art project. As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, the City of San Luis Obispo’s public art department awarded us $35,000 in matching funds for our public art. We then decided to apply for funding through Miossi and if awarded, will allow the four large atrium walls in the front entrance of the library to be covered with beautiful murals in honor of Harold J. Miossi. The City will then release their matching funds so that phase II can begin, murals on the walls in the children’s room. We’ve applied for more grant funding as well to take us into the final and last phase of the public art project, which is at least eight of the 13 pillars in the building. We hope to solicit many wonderful art ideas from local artists. Friends’ Board member Dawnna McDougall is serving on the jury with me, among others, to choose the best artist and artwork for the atrium. Thanks so much for all your work in mak- ing this project happen.

Fun times at our earthquake program!

Our computer classes were an incredible success again this spring, with a full house in our computer lab for all of the introduction to computers and introduction to Word classes. We are often asked when the next series will take place and we have plans in the fall to offer another series of computer classes. We are also working with a local career counselor to offer some workshops on helping high school students apply for college. Our children’s, teen and adult summer reading programs are in full swing and all three are very popular, especially our children’s programs. They can’t wait to sign up and attend all the exciting programs offered throughout the summer. Kudos to our wonderful youth services staff and to our Friends for helping to fund such a vital and wonderful program.

Kristine Tardiff

Library Manager, SLO City Library

Hawthorne School Reading Program, 2011-2012

Reading Program Coordinator Kristen Hauber and Dylan.

Students at Hawthorne School have received new books in book bags courtesy of the SLO Friends of the Library. Books were distributed to about 300 students in 10 classrooms in May. An additional 50 students in the two summer school classes will receive books this summer as part of the Friends Reading Program. These students worked with volunteers from FOL who have tutored them all year, primarily listening to them read, reading with them, and discussing their stories.

The kids were truly thrilled with their books. The excitement was evident as students pulled one book after another out of their bags and commented about what they got. Moderately noisy, as one would expect. They were busy exclaiming over their books and showing them to their fellow students. Soon, you could hear quiet voices reading. Later, a silence descended over all; it was quieter than a regular morning in class would have been with lessons going on. Everyone was reading, most reading to themselves or quietly to each other. It was a special event!

A book plate was affixed inside each book noting that it was a donation from the SLO Friends of the Library and from funds provided by a Trust endowed by Lucille Hale. The total cost of the book project this year was $2,612.26. Approximately 25 volunteers donated hundreds of hours in the classrooms from September through June. This is the 3rd year the SLO Friends of the Library has supported this reading program at Hawthorne. Participation has grown from 5 classrooms and 8 volunteers in 2009 to its current level.

Kristen Hauber will continue as co-ordinator for the program for next year, beginning with the scheduling in the Fall. New volunteers are always welcome, and encouraged to contact us through our website at or by contacting a board member.

First graders Eric and Avery look over new books.

First grader Anthony on the right shows his new book to Justin.

Book Sale 2012 – Successful and Lots of Fun

This year’s Book Sale (March 1st, 2nd and 3rd) was very successful financially, and also very enjoyable for patrons and volunteers at the Sale. Because of outstanding publicity by Becky Juretic, and an unusually high number of items available at the Sale, there were lots of enthusiastic patrons at the Sale.

In my six years as Book Sale Chair, this year’s net income (from sales, memberships sold at the Sale and donations at the Sale) was the highest – over $16,000. In the last seven years, the total net income is over $100,000. This is certainly not enough to offset the deep cuts in Library funding, but it is a tribute to all the generous volunteers at the Sale, and the generous donors to the Sale.

There were 107 volunteers at the Sale. Their competence and good will made an event with lots of laughs, and helped make hard work look easy. As usual, there are two groups that deserve special recognition:

  1. On Wednesday, March 1st, Officer Albert Ibarra and five inmates from the County Honor Farm moved over 800 large boxes from the Warehouse to the Vet’s Hall.
  2. 25 members of Delta Chi fraternity (Cal Poly) helped empty and clean up the Vet’s Hall after the Sale on March 3rd.

Finally, I must add my thanks to the year-long Warehouse Gang, and the Library Staff who provide space and equipment at the Warehouse.

We are looking forward to the 2013 Sale (February 28, March 1st and March 2nd) and we welcome volunteers and donors. Please contact

Paul Murphy – 544-3033.

Thank you

Financial Report

Thanks to another very successful Book Sale last March and the continuing generosity of our members and vol- unteers, the Friends of the Library will again be able to provide a significant amount of money to the library for materials and programs in fiscal 2012-2013.

Each year, the Friends receive a funding request from each department in the library. The Board approved the most recent request at its June meeting for payment starting in July. Included in this year’s request are funding for new two new books carts for the recently remodeled circulation desk. You probably already know that some of the funds that made that remodeling possible also came from the Friends in past years.

The Friends will also give the Library more than $25,000 for books and other materials. When checking out a recently published book, be sure to look for the name plate that confirms that it was purchased using money we provided. But our funding doesn’t stop at books; we also help to support subscriptions for the children’s and ref- erence libraries to purchase databases to make sure the library has the most up-to-date information.

Funds from the Friends also help to support the Library’s very successful series of programs for children, teens and adults. In 2010-2011 (the more recent year for which we have final numbers), 12,678 people attended one of the 264 programs offered! From film appreciation to computer skills, the programs are designed to reach an audience with diverse interests. Maybe we’ll see you there this year!

The Friends of the Library is a 501(c)(3) organization. We appreciate the generous donations of all its supporters, including our many members.

FOL Annual Luncheon, 2012

FOL Board Member Dawna McDougall and author Mike Cowdrey

Local author and San Luis Obispo native, Mike Cowdrey, was the speaker at the annual member luncheon for San Luis Obispo Friends of the Library. The luncheon was held at the San Luis Obispo Country Club on May 3, 2012. Mr. Cowdrey’s most recent book is Horses and Bridles of the American Indians (Nicasio, CA: Hawk Hill Press, 2012). His presentation focused on the dispersement of horses throughout the North American continent which began in the 16th century and the important and fascinating social and living changes which occurred over the following two centuries. Mr. Cowdrey was a great storyteller who captivated his audience. Horses and Bridles of the American Indians is available for checkout at the SLO Library.

Additional distinguished guests included Don Wallis and Ray and Marysia Dickson. Mr. Dickson had provided a rare historic photograph, never seen elsewhere, which became an important, full-page illustration in the book Horses and Bridles of the American Indians.

Luncheon guests enjoyed a delicious salmon salad entree and brownie desert.

Mike Cowdrey, Don Wallis, Ray Clark Dickson and Marysia Dickson.

Stella and Starr Jenkins, FOL members, attended the annual luncheon.

Vacation Reading

Help! School’s out, long and boring car trips loom ahead, How will you keep the kids entertained? How will you entertain yourself poolside? The Friends of the Library can help via its excellent collection of gently used, relatively new fiction and non-fiction on our sale racks at the library, just to the left of the informa- tion desk. We even have quite a few children’s books to keep the little darlings quiet in the back seat. We have lots of thrillers, always good for relaxing in the sun or shade.The best thing is that you can leave the books behind as you finish them and there will be no lost books to pay the library for and no fines for late return. Bring them home if you want and donate them back to us for resale, but here’s no need to do so. The books are very well priced so you can get lots of books for a very small investment. Have a great summer and catch up on your reading.

DVD Rentals

Summer is here and it’s time to catch up on the movies. Come to the SLO Library and check out our DVD rental collection. It’s only $2.00 a week and there are no holds. Some of the newest titles we have available include: John Carter, Safe House, The Woman in Black, Wanderlust, Chronicle and Sherlock: Season Two. The DVD’s are available on a first come first served basis, so take a look and find something new to watch this summer.

SLO Friends of the Library Board of Directors – 2012/2013

President Ken Barclay
1st VP Laura Lehmann
2nd VP Leslie Goetz
Treasurer Suzanne Fryer
Recording Secretary Irene Ray
Parliamentarian Prisila Johnson
Board Members Carolyn Carotenuti
Sally Hillis
Jaime Juarez
Jean Kidder
Dawnna McDougall
Paul Murphy
Norie Placak
SLO Library Manager Kristine Tardiff


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