San Luis Obispo Friends of the Library

Supporting the SLO Library, its community and the SLO Community

Volunteer Needs

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Board Member Website Committee Graphic Artist
Public Relations Committee Database Committee Newsletter Committee Annual Luncheon Committee
Book Sale Committee Computer Consultant and Instructor Historian Campaign Managers
Fund Raiser Committee Members Orientation Committee Grant Writer

Board Member

Description – provide direction to the FOL, chair a committee or manage a project or event.  Set goals, create budgets and plans and evaluate results.  Set strategy for the FOL.

Qualifications– have a strong desire to support the activities of the SLO Library and the SLO Library community.  Be willing to attend all board meetings and to commit to 10 hours per month to FOL activities.  Experience in library management, business management, non-profit management, fund raising and education a plus.


Website Committee

Description – be responsible for updating the SLO Friends of the Library website.  Create articles and news posts of Library, Library Community and FOL activities.  Update the website calendar

Qualifications – be willing to commit several hours per month on a weekly basis.  Be interested or experienced in using the WordPress platform for managing a website.  Have access to a computer linked to the Internet.  Experience with website design and development a plus but not required for an interested and committed learner.


Graphics Artist

Description – be able to create art for the various communications media used by the FOL including photographic images, video images, brochures, posters and newsletters.

Qualifications – be willing to commit several hours a month.  Have graphics artist skills and talent.  Be able to work with other volunteers responsible for various FOL activities to integrate art with other media.  Have access to a computer and graphics artist software.


Public Relations Committee

Description –create press releases and articles for various FOL and Library activities and events.  Develop relationships with various media and obtain placement of releases and articles in those media.  Create communications concepts and ideas to improve the awareness of the FOL in the community.

Qualifications – a desire to work with the FOL and to learn how to accomplish the tasks.  Be able to commit to several hours a month.  Experience in public relations activities a real plus.


Database Committee

Description – develop a database application for entering, managing and reporting membership information, including donations, dues and email addresses.  Application to be web hosted at HostGator using MySQL.

Qualifications – be willing to work with Membership Committee to completely define requirements.  Have skills or interest in creating a web application. Have access to computer linked to the internet and access to programming tools.


Photographic Committee

Descriptions – capture FOL and Library events with photographic  and video images to be integrated into the various media and communications approaches used by the FOL and the Library.  Post process images and videos into presentations and movies.

Qualifications – be willing to commit several hours a month.  Have photographic experience, access to DSLR, HD Video equipment or equivalent, and have an interest in creating images and videos that communicate with FOL and Library members, the Library community and the SLO community.


Newsletter Committee

Description – create a quarterly newsletter for distribution to FOL members.  Design and lay out the newsletter.  Create content and coordinate the development of content with other board and committee members.  Manage the creation of pdf version for members, a website version for on-line viewing and the printing and mailing of a hard copy version for non-emailable members.

Qualifications – be willing to commit time to accomplish task.  Interest in creating articles, designing layout and managing the distribution of the newsletter.  Should have access to a computer connected to the Internet, document-layout software and knowledge of websites.  Experience in newsletter creation and design a plus.


Annual Luncheon Committee

Description – coordinate the planning and execution of the annual luncheon and membership meeting.  This includes choosing, arranging and coordinating a guest speaker for the luncheon, typically a local author.  Selecting a venue and menu and arranging all the details with the venue.  Coordinate /execute the creation and design of an invitation, the printing of the invitations and the mailing of the invitations.  Host the event and greet the guest speaker and members.  Coordinate / be responsible for the promotion of the luncheon including photography, press releases, posters, etc.  Be responsible for the success completion of the event.

Qualifications – be willing to commit the required time to make the event successful.  A strong desire to create a great event.  Experience in event management is plus.


Book Sale Committee

Description – help prepare and staff the annual book sale held in the SLO Veterans Hall on a Thursday night, Friday and Saturday.  On the two days prior to the sale, books will be transported to the Veterans Hall.  Volunteers are needed to set up the Hall, to unpack books onto the tables, and to organize and categorize the books.  During the sale, volunteers are needed to help restack the books as the tables are depleted and to help patrons.  After the sale, volunteers are needed to help return the hall to normal.

Qualifications – be willing to commit time before and during the sale (generally around the first week in March).  Have a strong interest in supporting the FOL, the Library and the Library community.  This is a major fund-raiser for the FOL.


Computer Consultant and Instructors

Description – provide one-on-one and classroom instruction on popular software and hardware systems including but not limited to email, database, spreadsheet, drawing, tablets, smartphones and smart watches.

Qualifications – a strong desire to help others learn more about today’s technologies.  A strong understanding of the topic, good communication skills and the ability to make the topic interesting and useful to the students.  Experience teaching a plus.



Description – maintain a historical record of the activities of the FOL and the SLO Library.  Create and publish a history of the FOL in hard copy and for access on the FOL website.

Qualifications – a strong desire to commit to the role and to provide support to the FOL


Campaign Managers

Description – manage one of the three major annual FOL campaigns – Volunteers, Donations, Membership.  Plan the activities, coordinate with board members and committee chairs, work with volunteers to execute the plan.   Provide summary report to the board with goals set and results achieved.

Qualifications – have a strong desire to set goals, create plans and achieve results.  Be willing to commit the effort and time required to accomplish goals.  Experience in managing projects with successful results a plus but not required.


Fund Raiser

Description – be responsible for creating a donation strategy for the FOL.  Identify target market for fund raising and create a plan to cultivate those markets.

Qualifications – willing to commit the time and effort to accomplish goals.  Experience in fund-raising for a non profit organization a plus.


Committee Members

Description – be a contributing member of one of the FOL committees.  Be willing to commit 5 hours a month to the efforts of the committee.

Qualifications – a strong interest in the efforts of committee to support the SLO Library.  Experience in the subject area of the committee a plus.


Orientation Committee

Description – design and implement an orientation program for new board members and new committee members of the FOL.

Qualifications – have an interest in developing an orientation program


Grant Writer

Description – search out grant opportunities for the SLO Friends of the Library and the SLO Library. Generate and submit requests for grants. Coordinate with Friends board members and SLO Library Staff to create the grant request.

Qualifications – a strong interest in the pursuing grants. Good written skills.   Experience in grant writing a plus.