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Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

Today, the following Happy Thanksgiving email was sent to our membership list having email addresses. It is the first time we have been able to communicate with our members via email. Unfortunately, our first attempt of a nicely formatted Thanksgiving message was not nicely formatted so a second version was sent.  Sorry for the duplication and confusion.

If you are a member and did not receive this email message and would like to have received it, please email so that we can add your email address to our files.


Happy Thanksgiving

Best wishes to all members of the San Luis Obispo Friends of the Library.

We appreciate your membership, donations and volunteering.  All of your support goes to the SLO Library and to our community.

Thank you,

SLO Friends of the Library Board

A few of notes of interest:

  • We now have the ability to email all of our members for whom we have addresses.
  • Our website has been expanded and remodeled, please visit it.
  • Membership renewals are available for 2013.  Check your latest newsletter.
  • Donations in addition to renewals are appreciated.  The more donations we receive, the more we can provide to the SLO Library.  Last year 15% of our members also contributed a donation. Any amount is appreciated, $20 is great, $50 is better and $100 will help a lot.
  • On-line donations can be made from our website.  On-line membership and renewal will be available soon.


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