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Friends’ Corner Completed


The new Friends’ Corner

For the last couple of months the north-east corner of the 1st floor of the Library has been part of a remodel creating the Friends’ Corner.  This is the area where the Friends have been selling previously read magazines and nearly new books in kiosks and racks. The remodel included adding book shelves and magazine fixtures to the north and east walls.   The purpose of the remodel was to make the area more attractive, to make it easier to find books and magazines and to take advantage of the unused wall space.

This all began several months ago when Kay Rader, our Librarian, and her staff suggested that we make better use of that space. Thank you Kay and thanks to Melody Mullis who found the shelving and Slatwall from inventory and coordinated its installation.

And thanks to the Friends’ Corner committee who worked with the library staff and who designed the space and the signage which was installed just last week. The committee was comprised of Dawnna McDougall, Rosemary Baxter, Margaret Haneberg and Lanny Hernandez.

If you are not familiar with the In-Library Book and Magazine sales, click here for more details.

Nearly new fiction and nonfiction books are just $2.00 and magazines just $0.50.  The selection is updated during the week, so keep checking to find a great addition to your book collection or to read current issues of popular magazines.  The books and magazines in the Friends’ Corner are managed by Dawnna McDougall and Laura Lehmann and their committee volunteers.


Melody Mullis making fine tuning adjustments


Melody and Dawnna McDougall check the alignment of the letters for the signage


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