San Luis Obispo Friends of the Library

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Books for Sale

Looking for a good read or a new book for your collection?   Well, you don’t need to wait for our Annual Book Sale.  Just to your left after you enter the SLO Library, next to the computer lab, the Friends of the Library hosts three octagonal bookshelves with popular Books for Sale.

The books are priced at $3.00  $2.00 for hard cover, $2.00 $1.00 for trade paperbacks, and just a buck $0.50 for mass-market paperbacks.   Teen books and children books are priced as marked, but still discounted significantly. Books are added twice a week, so check frequently.   Items that have not sold after 4 months are removed from the bookshelves.

Books available come from a variety of genres, but we are limited by what has been donated.

If you have one or more books that you no longer need in your collection, please consider donating to the Friends of the Library.   The library has first choice on donated books, but many great books are available for sale.

Your donation will either help the library offering or help provide funds for the library from the sale of them.   Either way the library benefits and you have contributed.