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Book Bags

Book Bags

Beginning this week, you will be able to purchase inexpensive book bags at the Service Counter on the first floor of the SLO Library.  These book bags are made of non-woven material and measure 16 inches wide, 12 inches high and 6 inches across the bottom. They will be available in five colors while supplies last – royal blue, navy blue, dark green, burgundy and purple.  They are available for $1.50 each.  Buy one for your self and one for a gift.  Get the whole set of colors.

book bags


Our Mission

Preserve and enhance library services and materials to meet the diverse and changing needs of the community.

Our Goals

  • To provide support to the SLO Library, its community and the SLO community.
  • To raise funds and promote gifts, endowments, and bequests.
  • To promote and support volunteer services to the SLO library and our programs.
  • To raise public awareness of the library’s role in the community.
  • To advocate measures that will help preserve and enhance library services and programs.

All Volunteer Organization

There are no paid employees of the SLO Friends of the Library. Therefore, an extremely high percentage of your dues and donations go to the programs and efforts we support.


Our Recent Accomplishments

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Can We Do More?

Yes, but only if we have more resources. We can only do more with your help. We can give more to the SLO Library when we have more.  We can provide more to the SLO Community

  • More money.
  • More books, DVDs, magazine, etc.
  • More volunteers.
  • More minds focusing on how to help.

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